our story

This is a love story. A love of family; a love of hospitality; pure passion and an insistence on quality…

Brad and Marisa O’Neill are the heart, the soul and – of course – the spirit of Sugar Baron Signature Craft Rum. Brad grew up on a sugarcane farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and studied in Stellenbosch where he met Marisa, a city girl from Cape Town and eventual keeper of Brad’s heart. Brad then made the natural move into the wine industry while Marisa thrived in the hospitality industry. This passionate, vibrant couple is Sugar Baron Signature Craft Rum; as are their gorgeous children – for Sugar Baron Signature Craft Rum is family, fun and a little fermentation.

The brand is a tribute, hauntingly beautiful, to Roger O’Neill’s legacy in loving memory of a father lost entirely too soon. While Brad and Marisa often mused over the idea of making rum with sugarcane – from the safe distance of Cape Town – it was only when Brad returned to take over Seafield Farm, that dreams started to condense and in 2018 this daunting, exciting, impassioned plunge became a reality.

This is a love story, a One Act play, where the entire plot plays out from field to glass.


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Live passionately, drink responsibly

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